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Literary Retro Snapshots and Quirky Whodunits offer a new voice in Northwest fiction.

Gehla S. Knight is a fifth-generation Oregonian who captures the Northwest flavor in quirky, madcap commercial fiction as well as literary novels highlighting West Coast themes.

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ROLAND METZ is the Director of the Cedar Lawn Mortuary and Cemetery. He’s a recluse, fussing over his cadavers getting the hairdo just right, buffing the fingernails, shaving the stubble, arranging the hands as if in prayer before the bereaved ones get a look at Uncle Charlie or Grandma laid out like a fireplace log in the satin-lined casket.


Under the pen name Ray Bates, these police procedurals feature gritty, street-smart cops who prowl Portland's underbelly in search of gold nuggets among the city's hardcore schemers.

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Kiss of the Cobra

A Detective John Bowers Mystery

Kiss of the Cobra, the eighth in the Detective John Bowers series, reunites Bowers and his partner Detective Minola Raye on a desperate pursuit. This time the Portland Homicide Team tries to fit the puzzle pieces together after gruesome murders of young, single women with no plausible connection.


"Morality comes in all shapes and forms.  One person’s sin is another’s salvation.  Culture, social mores, religion, character – all these things influence our views on what is wrong and right.  My books delve into the murky, undefined areas of morality.  Often, the truth is found somewhere in the middle, in the gray-zone.  That is the most interesting aspect of life."


Home of Detective John Bowers

Police Procedurals for True-Crime Junkies and Mystery Buffs

Ray Bates' background and experience as a criminal investigator working with law enforcement and the criminal justice system provide the foundation for a series of police procedurals with hard-hitting realism tempered with sexy romance and fleshed out characters.

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