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Two books out together creates extra labor but worth it.

A COLD KILL with Detective John Bowers is out. Number 7 in the series, and as usual it has the familiar recipe of murder, bloody scenery, realistic forensics, sex, drama, humor here and there (mostly here) along with John's ongoing quest to figure out female tactics. He's not nearly there yet.

Give it a read and catch up with what John, his partner Minnie Ray and the DA's office step over as the dead bodies fall. Check out the video as well. Guaranteed to be ad free.

OLD WIVES' TALES, Bedtime Stories Grandma Never Told You

It's here. Check out the video and excerpts. I love a video that needs a pre-screen warning "not appropriate for some viewers". If you ever wondered, or why the hell haven't you wondered, what lollies used to get up to when you weren't even a flicker in Grandpa's eye, these older gals will enlighten you. Bawdy bedroom stories, hookers, strippers, winners and losers in love, romance, sex and OMG did Granny do that?!!

Of all the vices in the world, why sex that's just for fun, profit, hobby pursuits, titillation or commercial sales is hush hush is a mystery. Sex is the most basic, universal occupation of all us creatures on this orbiting dirt ball. Any ubiquitous habit can be criminalized, I guess. Ask the tiger that tried to eat Roy. Normal activities true to the species can turn violent and criminal, but just ordinary sex, perversion like foot fetishes and rape don't belong in the same No No Mustn't category the Puritans dreamed up. I mean, really. With no TV, no Texting, no pole dancers or hi-test juice, what did those folks do at night? Study the Good Book? Really? In the dark? Of course, they did just what every human on the planet does with long, dark nights and no neighborhood video porn shop.

I can never understand why the younger generations seem to think their old grannies and grandpas never had any fun with their drawers down. Seems a bit unseemly to think of it. But how do they think they got here? Nothing new has been added to the Sex for Dummies handbook since Adam and Eve were dating.

Enjoy a trip through interviews with older gals who did it all in their youth, or even a bit more. If you have the guts and a willing Granny, you might even want to have a sit down and pull the curtains aside. Bet she'll have a thing or two to teach you about what she fantasizes about at night. And bets are she'll love telling you all the raunchy details since you'll probably be the first person to give a hoot.


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